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Binding & Finishing

A significant part of the printing process and a key area that can often be overlooked is the bindery that actually holds it all together.

Latimer Trend has an incredibly well invested bindery that gives its customers complete peace of mind that, at the crucial final finishing stage when time is of the essence and reliability is a must, Latimer Trend can be depended on to ensure delivery.

As well as providing additional capacity and the reliability of new machinery with additional comfort of online support, we have made significant improvements in productivity and the ability to drive efficiency bringing production costs down.

The extensive capabilities of our bindery offer an incredible range of in-house facilities which include a number of guillotines and folding machines.  We are also fully equipped with considerable capacity to cater for volumes of traditional thread sewing and saddle stitching.

In February 2012 our large capacity Swiss engineered 20-station perfect binding line was completely upgraded to a fully automatic 21-station line taking binding strength, quality and efficiency to unprecedented levels.  The highly specialized configuration of this binding line includes equipment present on only 4 lines in the country. 

The exciting arrival of an in-house PUR option provided Latimer Trend and its customers with access to the most robust flexible alternative binding method available.  It is ideally suited for use on heavily used print products like reference and textbooks, directories and catalogues and is the most dependable method of inline binding outside of conventional sewing.  Incorporating this process in-house allows its application even on fast turn around productions that could previously have been precluded from this incredibly secure method of binding.

Skills and resources in this very varied and highly specialised area extend to the inclusion and provision of 6pp and 8pp covers, inserts, belly bands and cover tip-ons.

With long established partners we can, easily and with confidence, provide additional specialist binding methods including wiro bound and case bound short and long run publications.

Speed to market or to your readership is maximised for customers who elect to mail directly with us.