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Cover Finishing

Latimer Trend offers a full range of in-house cover finishing options and has established partners to provide some of the very specialist high quality finishing options like spot gloss UV varnish fully managed and controlled as an integral part of the production process.

Machine Seal varnish.

A cost effective liquid duct based machine seal applied to a printed surface typically inline at the time of printing.  A cost effect method of sealing silks and heavy gloss papers that are prone to marking or ink rub with a neutral finish providing protection against these.

Machine Gloss / Matt varnish

A cost effective liquid duct based machine varnish offering low gloss or matt levels applied to a printed surface inline at the time of printing.  An economical finish often used to enhance the appearance of a page if applied all over or when applied to specific areas or images on a page - spot varnished.  This coating provides slightly increased light reflection making colours appear a little richer and more vivid.

UV Varnish – All over - Flood Coat

Ultraviolet (UV) Varnish is a process of using a liquid based varnish cured using Ultraviolet light and providing high gloss levels particularly when applied to a gloss coated paper and typically applied on covers of glossy magazines.

Spot UV Varnish

As above but applied to chosen areas / spots.  Highlighting and drawing attention to specific areas or parts of a page / cover.

Lamination – Gloss / Matt

Lamination is a thin film of plastic applied to the cover outer providing a great tactile high contrast finish and provides significant levels of protection extending the life and appearance of a finished copy.  The use of film offers more consistent gloss / matt reflection levels that are not subject to the effects of the porous printed surface. 

Additional specialty laminate finishes can be applied including – Satin, Soft Touch and Acetate (Bio-Degradable).

For maximum effect and contrast a highly reflective shiny Spot Gloss UV Varnish can be applied over a light absorbing Matt Laminate.  This is used when a luxury feel, eye-catching finish is required.


The first impression look and appearance of a printed cover can be enhanced with the ultimate decorative finish available in a huge range of different vibrant colours and textures. 


This process cuts out uniform shapes from an individual sheet of paper.  Simple examples are rounded corners through to the cutting and removal of quite intricate designs.

Embossing / Debossing

Creates a raised texture on the page and a stunning range of different 3D visual effects.  Debossing is the reverse leaving an indent on the page.  These finishes are best seen on thicker materials.