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Litho-Offset Printing

Latimer Trend continues to support an extensive ongoing investment programme that provides all of its customers with the benefits of optimum print quality and reliability, resulting in a modern high tech well equipped lithographic printing department.

The pressroom has been built to support full connectivity across the range of offset presses providing consistency and high levels of flexibility essential in meeting schedules for weekly titles, time critical publications and the capacity to support unexpected changes in timings. 

The formation of the press line up allows choice and the ability for our highly experienced estimating team with extensive industry knowledge to select the most cost effective press from our variety of B1 presses that range from 10 colour to two colour mono perfecting as well as small cover presses to ensure the most competitive and suitable production method and equipment is used and costed for each individual publication.

The investment in the pressroom extends beyond the presses themselves.  A separate and fully connected additional investment was made in a comprehensive colour management system which utilises spectro data on all of the B1 presses.  The technology takes colour setting and control to new levels reducing subjective colour decisions and the window of variation, ensuring the consistent delivery of colour to an International Standard.   The sophistication of this technology allows us to electronically manage colour make-up specific to individual customers to be stored and maintained throughout their printed products or issues.

Reliability is one of the crucial elements that help to ensure a leading supplier can be relied upon to meet its delivery commitments.  Latimer Trend has in-house routine planned maintenance and service contracts with the press manufacturer to ensure reliability, surety of colour and ultimately delivery from a company that can be depended upon.

Latimer Trend is not just about investment in machinery.  One of its principal strengths is its people.  The company has a wealth of relevant industry experience throughout the entire process with a drive and an ability to delivery the company values with a passion.

The harnessing of todays technology with highly experienced press minders utilising continually reviewed lean manufacturing techniques tuned to ensure quality and delivery are achieved with the minimum of spoilage and impact on the environment which has a positive effect on production costs resulting in exceptional value to deliver this level of International Quality and service.

Litho print production offers great versatility and choice as well as the benefits of very high speed production.  The process opens up a range of colour options with single pass 4 colour and seal perfecting options through to single passes with additional spot colours that can include metallic and fluorescent inks. There is also a huge range of paper types and weights available giving the ability to have a more distinctive printed product whilst still gaining the unit cost advantages of a high speed print production now possible on increasingly shorter run publications.

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