Latimer Trend
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Quality & Environment


Latimer Trend prides itself in setting and achieving very exacting quality standards that are measured within the International Quality standard and audited under our certification to ISO 9001.  We achieved recertification in June 2017 to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard.
We operate a comprehensive colour management system that allows us to control colour and appearance, reproducing consistent high quality colour whilst improving efficiency and reducing make-ready time and waste.
This sets us on a clear path towards ISO 12647 international colour standards.


We live and work in a picturesque part of the world.  Our view over Dartmoor National Park gives us a great appreciation of the beauty of the world around us.  Latimer Trend is sensitive to its surroundings and exercises great care to minimise any impact on the environment.  We take this very seriously and have for a number of years held certification to ISO 14001.  We achieved recertification in June 2017 to the new ISO 14001:2015 standard.

There are some specific areas that have been identified and changed to help achieve our environmental objectives.


In 2009 we moved our plate supplier to enable us to utilise low chemistry plates as part of our drive to continue to minimise our environmental impact.  We remain in discussions with our plate suppliers concerning the ongoing development of processless plate production.

Ink Technology

We do not use any solvent-based inks in our litho processes making a change to vegetable oil based inks in 2005.


We believe in sustainability and work with paper suppliers who can offer a chain of custody providing the ability to identify paper used to produce any specific issue all the way back through the process to the area of the forest where the original tree was grown.  Wherever possible we would source papers manufactured under stringent environmental manufacturing control regulated by EMAS and manufactured to SSEN ISO 14001 and, usually, environmental chlorine free. 

Latimer Trend is fully certified under FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) Chain of Custody Certification which ensures full traceability of the papers used and we have also recently adopted CarbonNeutral status on our house coated stocks.

Press Technology

After a programme of alcohol reduction on the presses we trialled complete removal of this environmentally unfriendly substance from the process in 2011.  However, a review of total environmental impact, including power usage, paper wastage and other chemical usage, established that the optimum position was to operate with a very low percentage of alcohol in the process and we now operate at concentrations of 4% or less.

Ink Consumption

In 2007 we invested in automated ink pumping to all of our B1 presses minimising ink consumption and waste.  The four colour process inks are now supplied to the factory in 205 Litre drums removing the use of traditional ink tins and reducing the waste that previously required recycling.


We are able to provide an environmentally friendly laminate that over time is fully biodegradable.  Should you require any further information, please contact us.

Energy consumption

We operate power correction equipment within our switchgear to ensure that we maximise the efficiency of our energy consumption. We have also installed intelligent lighting throughout the factory to reduce our energy usage.


All ink, chemical containers and aluminium plates are recycled. All waste paper is recycled; the white stock is separated from the colour stock and recycled separately. All waste chemicals are also collected and recycled.

Less than 5% of our total waste product ends up as landfill with over 95% being either recycled, reused or converted in waste to eneregy plants..