Latimer Trend
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Every face at Latimer Trend is important and is instrumental in the highly efficient effective delivery of our products and services.

We have built up a solid and enviable reputation for impeccable Customer Service, reliable on time delivery and steadfast high quality amongst our customers. We work very closely with our customers to add value to each and every relationship to foster and grow successful partnerships. Every production is managed by a dedicated Account Executive who is the first point of contact in the factory and manages the relationship and process providing personal communication and individual support.

Two of the key people with exceptional skills and considerable experience are the focal point for the management and delivery of the companies uncompromising key fundamental principals.

Andrew Denham

Customer Service Manager

Our vastly experienced friendly professional team of dedicated Account Executives is supported by an exceptional individual who has the integrity and the talent to build strong and lasting relationships and maintains Latimer Trend's distinct level of genuine customer service.

Steve Collings

Factory Manager

The intensity of our high speed demanding modern factory producing volumes of individually specified productions at uncompromising quality levels required a dedicated specialist team of experienced motivated professionals.

The successful management and motivation of this demanding facility requires the tenacity and diligence of a remarkable individual with strong management skills and unquestioning attention to detail.


The members of the Latimer Trend board have worked together within the company for nearly a decade, cumulatively serving the company for over 36 years.

Their combined pool of wider specialist industry knowledge and expertise extends well beyond this and is used to maximum effect making a very strong, well balanced and safe custodianship to continue to develop the company and lead it through its next century.

Paul Opie

Managing Director

Andy Ogden

Production Director

Ian Crocker

Finance Director