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Technical Support

Latimer Trend embraces changing technology and is happy to support you whenever you need it.

Through its intensive programme of continued investment in the right technology Latimer Trend is properly placed to deliver its commitment of high quality printing and finishing to its customers.

Manufacturing using highly sophisticated processes, equipment and the latest technology allows this versatile highly efficient printing company to deliver to you an incredible range of different styles and finishes using the most cost effective methods of production at an incredible value.

We invest in technology to drive efficiencies and reduce the costs of production.  We have grown through smart technology and automation and have created a highly effective and productive manufacturing plant that consistently delivers the right product at the right price through maximum efficiency.

We have highly experienced specialists that can be called upon and enjoy helping you demystify the process understand its jargon and provide the required levels of technical advice and support as well as guidance on a personal level from initial conversations and enquiries right through the entire production process.
We are happy and pleased to provide you with personal reassuring technical support whenever required.

Some generic helpful information and recommendations for your information - 

Spine width calculators – (calculator)

A minimum of 3mm bleed should be included on pages supplied to Latimer Trend for printing.  This is additional image added to pages where the copy is designed to run off the page.

To allow for the tolerances of the process live matter / text should be kept within 5mm of the trim edge.
Fine text should be printed in a single colour.

When reversing fine text out of a colour background the number of colours should be kept to a minimum. Reversing out of a single colour would avoid colour fringing.

When designing for saddle stitch pages it is important to consider that the pages in the centre of the finished book will be shorter across the width as a result of the bulking of the pages at the spine.  This will push image closer to or even off the page.

Latimer has huge flexibility in the spine widths and paginations it can work with.

Saddle stitching from 8pp.

Binding with spine widths from 2mm up to 68mm.

When printing with silk stocks and heavy gloss stocks 170gsm and above the use of a machine seal is recommended to help prevent rubbing or marking caused by ink transfer.